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Archery Encounters LLC is about offering a positive, year-round archery experience to all. Our mission is simple: Be a community building and bonding asset, through the sport of archery, by being accessible, available and affordable. Located at 1505 State St, 4th floor, our range will be accessible by bus, foot, car and cab. Equipment will be available for use and our average cost is $20.00 per lesson and $15.00 per hour open range time!

PLEASE NOTE: We are using temporary space at 1503 State St. while our permanent range is built upstairs.

About Coach Tim:





Tim Case didn’t touch a bow and arrow until he was in his late 20s, but he hasn’t put one down since thanks to the mental and physical benefits he gets from the sport.

Today Tim’s a certified USA Archery Level III coach and the entrepreneur behind Archery Encounters, an indoor downtown Erie, Pennsylvania, archery range open to the public that provides lessons, league competition and open practice time. He works every day to bring archery’s benefits to as many people as he can.

Tim’s first encounter with archery decades ago came when a friend asked him to go bowhunting. The bow part of the experience proved to be a revelation. He found the concentration and self-awareness necessary to place a good shot meditative, allowing him to push aside his daily troubles and clear his mind. As he pursued the sport away from the field, he discovered the self-esteem and self-confidence that comes with mastering technique.
As archery lifted Tim’s depression, he began studying the sport and learned that today it is used in treatment by mental health and addiction counselors and that it provides many benefits through muscle development and physical activity. He also learned that the sport is easily modified to accommodate differently abled participants.

This combination of positive factors led Tim to become an archery evangelist, spreading the benefits of the sport to as many people as possible. Along the way he has helped thousands of people by organizing large-scale outdoor events, hosting archery parties and teaching students ranging from youngsters to Hollywood actors.

Now Tim hopes to reach even more people by establishing his indoor range, Archery Encounters, in his hometown of Erie, Pennsylvania. Contact Tim or stop by today to learn just how good life can be by adding a little archery.You can reach Tim at 814-923-3037

Tim Case is an Erie native and USAF veteran. He Came to archery late in life, at about age 28, and fell in love with the sport. In 2007 he began the first “Discover Archery at Discover Presque Isle” event which ran for 4 years and serviced  4000 individuals in that time. In 2008 he took archery to the “Irlene Mandrell Celebrity Shoot” and provided archery experiences for youth and celebrity alike. This in turn led to his invitation to conduct the archery portion of the “Hollywood Celebrity Sporting Clays Invitational”. In 2015 he was invited to provide archery training for Hallmark Channel’s “Home and Family”.

Tim’s Certifications: