Now accepting Registrations for: January/February  sessions


Classes Begin:

January 6 and end February 16 2019


Our programs run all year long, but are broken up into 6 week blocks and each class is 2 hours long. These programs prepare beginners and experienced archers for archery competition.   Students will learn and master the shot process, the rules and scoring, as well as managing the pressure of a competition environment. Students will be expected to take part in the end of session competition as well as various local and regional tournaments that occur throughout the year.

Each class must have at least 8 students registered for classes to begin and will be limited to 12 students. Additional classes and instructors will be added to accommodate demand. 


Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD) is a program of USA Archery that helps archers to enjoy the sport recreationally or progress to the excitement of competition!
JOAD offers barebow, recurve and compound archers the opportunity to learn range safety and proper shooting technique in an environment that also fosters focus, increased self-confidence, and team building skills. JOAD is open to any youth archer aged 8 to 20 and is designed to grow with the youth archer. Introductory JOAD classes teach the fundamentals of proper shooting form; as the young archer develops, they will learn more advanced techniques and earn achievement awards.

Scholastic 3D Archery is a non-profit organization that’s mission is to foster, educate and guide youth in the area of 3-D, indoor, and outdoor target archery. The program is entirely after school and it allows students the opportunity to learn about and grow their archery abilities in a safe and educational environment. Students compete in 3D archery tournaments across the state and country, which provides students the opportunities to be involved with different archery companies and local archery shops. Students also have a chance to earn college scholarships for their athletic performance.


 College Scholarship Opportunities

Scholastic 3-D Archery has partnered with US Collegiate Archery Association to increase student exposure to existing college archery programs. This partnership allows colleges across the nation to see the potential that S3DA archers could bring to their program. Partnering with the USCAA greatly increases the scholarship opportunities for S3DA students. S3DA has seen students be offered millions of dollars in college scholarships. Students also have the opportunity to meet archery coaches from various colleges and learn about the opportunities available to continue their education through archery.


S3DA Promotes Bowhunting

S3DA has partnered with the Pope & Young Club to develop the Clear Path Initiative to Bowhunting. This initiative teaches all S3DA students and coaches about safe and ethical bowhunting techniques, as well as important information about their role in wildlife conservation. S3DA has also partnered with QDMA to help give all members of S3DA important bowhunting information through their e-book, QDMA’s Guide to Successful Deer Hunting.

The Adult Archery Program is a program of USA Archery that allows adults to learn proper shooting technique, achieve awards based on score, and pursue competition if they wish, during a series of classes taught by a certified coach or instructor.

Similar in scope to USA Archery’s Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD) program, the Adult Archery Program is a logical “next step” for adult archers pursuing this lifetime sport.

What does the Adult Archery Program offer the archer? In addition to receiving clear instruction and coaching via our National Training System, membership in an archery program provides unique benefits to adults, including the opportunity to make new friends, a great upper-body workout, and the chance to build self-confidence, and learn team-building skills.