Archery has always been a sport of women’s empowerment. Throughout history, it has been her story; From the pagan religions of all civilizations through the Amazons and Valkyries to modern days powerful women and the bow and arrow have been seen hand in hand in art, mythology, legend, historical documents and stories, pictures and on the range. 

Our ArcHERy programs are for ladies only. Looking for your next ladies night? Archery is the perfect choice and you save 10% on all our offerings and apparel by using the Discount Code HERSTORY

Archery Party

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Our archery parties offer your family or group a unique and fun option to celebrate achievements, birthdays, or a holiday. 

Our Hoverball Party is perfect for a backyard, basement or a party venue. Needing only a 10ft x 20ft(minimum)space to set up in, this option is great for a rented venue, backyard or basement. Ideally suited for larger parties, this option runs for 2 hours and can accommodate any number of guests. 

Our traditional parties, held at our range, utilize our 20 yard capabilities and are ideal for a Birthday party, after work get together, or a celebration of achievement. This option allows you to choose between our equipment, your own equipment or a blend of both. Suited for up to 10 guests, this 2 hour party includes equipment and instruction The range can accommodate multiple distances and various skill levels.

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Our ArcHERy tees reflect that rich history and empowerment. Whether you envision her preparing to confront an approaching challenge or focusing on her goals, she won’t be deterred. 

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