There are many reasons to want or need a more individual and in-depth coaching experience. Whether your goal is to increase your competitive edge, manage target panic, or just learn all you can about archery we have something for you.

Individual Coaching:

Do you have some archery experience and looking to up your game? Sign up for Coach Tim’s individual coaching. Learn how to work with your body, build a solid, repeatable process, why back tension is essential, mental management, self reflection, and positive mindset.

Available by the hour or in hourly blocks of 5, 10, 15, or 20 hours, individual coaching allows you to tailor your coaching needs to your goals. Each student is different and through discussion and evaluation with Coach Tim we find the most efficient and effective way to get you to your goals.

Target Panic Coaching:

Target panic! We’ve all heard it, many experience it, some are debilitated by it to the point of quitting the sport. The good news is IT IS MANAGEABLE. The trick is to catch and correct it before it gets to the point of debilitating you or causing you to quit the sport. The bad news is A. Changing one or two things is only a temporary fix. B. You can’t beat it alone. Coach Tim’s training techniques are designed to address your particular issues as well as reset your mindset and the way you approach the sport as a whole.

This coaching regimen is also designed to be done both virtually and in person, but this also requires the utmost commitment from you, the student. Target panic is not something that can be overcome in an hour or two, expect 10 to 20 hours of coaching once a week as well as a minimum of 7 hours of home exercises per week.

We have set the program up for personal coaching to be available by the hour or in blocks of hours to fit your budgeting needs, but understand that one or two hours of coaching will have limited results and no guarantees can be made. Each student is different and learns at a different pace.

Virtual Target Panic Coaching:

Coach Tim’s Virtual Target Panic coaching offers you the convenience of battling this affliction from home. To that end it requires you to provide video and picture content for evaluation as well as a minimum of weekly communication with Coach Tim either via Electronic(text, messenger, email) or phone communication. This program requires full payment upfront because of the unique commitment and coach availability requirements.