Archery Encounters LLC was founded on two main principles: 1. Archery should be accessible, available and affordable to all people. 2. Archery has touched every culture on earth and through archery we can bond our communities like never before. It is the Archery Encounters LLC goal to bring demographics together through humankind’s first technological system.

About Coach Tim:

Tim Case is an Erie native and USAF veteran. He Came to archery late in life, at about age 28, and fell in love with the sport. In 2007 he began the first “Discover Archery at Discover Presque Isle” event which ran for 4 years and serviced  4000 individuals in that time. In 2008 he took archery to the “Irlene Mandrell Celebrity Shoot” and provided archery experiences for youth and celebrity alike. This in turn led to his invitation to conduct the archery portion of the “Hollywood Celebrity Sporting Clays Invitational”. In 2015 he was invited to provide archery training for Hallmark Channel’s “Home and Family”. Tim didn’t touch a bow and arrow until he was in his late 20s, but he hasn’t put one down since thanks to the mental and physical benefits he gets from the sport.

Today Tim’s a certified USA Archery Level III coach and the entrepreneur behind Archery Encounters, an indoor downtown Erie, Pennsylvania, archery range open to the public that provides lessons, league competition and open practice time. He works every day to bring archery’s benefits to as many people as he can.