Target Panic


Target panic isn’t fun nor is it something that can be overcome alone. Coach Tim’s virtual coaching and on-site seminar are now available.

Virtual Target Panic Coaching:

This virtual regimen is designed to help you get through your struggles, readjust your mindset, and put you back in the 10 ring. Target panic isn’t something that can be overcome quickly or by yourself. This course is several weeks of dedication and partnership between you and Coach Tim. By signing up for this course you agree to provide regular video and picture content for evaluation, critique, and coach’s feedback. You also agree to follow and execute Coach’s instructions honestly and faithfully. Cutting corners will only hurt you and no refunds will be given.

Target Panic Seminar:

The next seminar is Sunday February 9, 2020. Preregistration is required deadline February 7, 2020 .
This 8 hour seminar is designed to help you understand target panic and give you the basic tools to overcome this vile affliction. Target panic isn’t something that can be overcome alone or quickly, but this seminar will give you the exercises and tools you need to fight this battle. It is recommended that you follow this seminar with qualified coaching and observation either virtually or in person. Seminar attendees will be given a 20% discount on future target panic services. Bring your bows.

Personal Coaching:

Target panic can’t be fixed in a couple of one hour sessions and It also requires you to put in your homework. We offer hourly instruction to help you through it, but don’t worry each hour includes phone access to Coach Tim till midnight each night of your practice week for questions, encouragement, and reinforcement. Although you can opt for 1 or 2 hours, the reality is completely overcoming target panic requires several weeks and, in some cases, months of dedicated coaching, practice, and observation. Expect to take between 10 and 20 hours of coaching. Select multiple hours and save. 

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